Our Vendors

SPRING BANK ACRES– Milk, cheese, yogurt, free range eggs, apples, natural honey, maple syrup, in season farm fresh vegetables, bagged salad greens, bagged salad green mixes, home-made ice cream, Kambucha tea,

NITTANY VALLEY ORGANICS– Organic Health & Beauty Aids that are good for you – organic shampoos, organic soaps, organic lotions, organic creams and soy candles in 54 yummy fragrances.  Lots of new products that are all Chemical-FREE.

All products are CHEMICAL-FREE and made right here in State College!

Also available at McLanahan’s Market store on S. Allen St, McLanahan’s Student Store on the corner of College & Garner Sts., Nature’s Pantry on Commercial Blvd, The Barn in Lemont, The Makery in downtown State College

CAPT’N DAN SALMON– Line caught, flash frozen, Wild Alaskan salmon, smoked salmon, and locally-raised trout.

VALLEY GRASS FED:   Certified grass-fed beef, pork, chicken & free-range eggs. Bulk Ordering for the winter . Now accepting Bulk Beef Orders – Order Halves, Quarters, Family Packs or Sample Packs. Stop in and order yours today.

EDEN VIEW FOODS LLC-At Eden View, we strive to provide you with the freshest, purest, most nutritious foods from our fields and kitchen. Our vegetables are grown with no chemicals, are hand planted cultivated and harvested. Our prepared foods are done in our licensed kitchen with ingredients sourced from our farm and other local farms. Everything is handmade from scratch with artisan touches. We specialize in take-home entrees, soups, salads and sides that make for a quick, yet healthy and homemade meal. Our signature desserts and breads are make with organic whole grain flours (mainly spelt), no white sugar with local eggs and dairy. These foods are available at our two weekly farmers’ markets – Boalsburg and North Atherton (see information below) or arrangements can be made to pick up at our farm. We also provide our food through the Friends and Farmers Co-op.

The easiest way to get a taste of our food is to sign up for our Harvest Share, which is simply a weekly email listing what is available for the week.

Our foods are also available for your gathering, celebration, meeting or event. Our catering division, Farmstead Catering, offers flexible menus and pricing to fit your event needs. For an on-the-farm experience, bring your event to our farm and enjoy our beautiful rustic pavillion with wood fired oven and grill and stroll through our vegetable and flower gardens.

Brazilian Munchies – The Real Taste of Brazil!

Pão de Queijo, Brigadeiros, Empadas, Beijinhos, Esfihas, Camafeus! If you know them, you miss them! If you’re new to them, prepare to love them!

Flavia and Nicholas Barger met in Uberlandia in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais while he was in an exchange program with Rotary International. Naturally, he fell for Brazil’s local treats — pão de queijo, coxinha, and empadinha among others — and Flavia as well!

In 2013, Flavia moved to the US to marry Nicholas, and so he was reunited with Flavia… but not his newly favorite munchies. Of course, she missed her snacks from home too. No problem! Nicholas dug out a recipe he obtained during his visit to Brazil, and whipped up some pão de queijo.

As they indulged and reminisced, a Brazilian friend suggested that other Brazilians probably miss their cheese breads and native tidbits as well. Maybe Nicholas and Flavia could sell pão de queijo to other expatriate Brazilians in the State College, PA area. They did just that!

It was then that they had an epiphany: given the chance to taste them, wouldn’t Americans fall for Brazilian munchies too? And so they decided to bring pão de queijo to a farmers’ market in Millheim PA.

And they found themselves in business.

Before long, Flavia devoted herself exclusively to Brazilian Munchies. She expanded their offerings by stuffing pão de queijo with smoked sausage and cheddar cheese. Making every single cheese bread ball by hand, the Bargers’ overworked fingers couldn’t keep up with surging demand. They invested in their new company and imported equipment from Brazil to augment supply and begin offering their goodies wholesale.

Today, the Brazilian Munchies selection has ballooned to cover two separate menus! Coxinha, Esfiha, Kibe, Pão de Queijo, and more fill out the savory menu, while Brigadeiros, Beijinhos and Camafeu make up a delectable (and addictive!) sweet menu.

You can discover for yourself what Nicholas and so many Pennsylvanians have learned — that yumminess is alive and well south of the Equator! — by coming to one of the many events Brazilian Munchies will be at this summer, and tasting for yourself!